Discover the Stackable Data Platform

Stackable Data Platform – the modern open source data platform

Stackable is a 100% free and open distribution of the best open source projects for modern data platforms. Unlike other alternatives, we rely on open source software throughout, from the control plane to the platform components. There is no paywall, no restrictions and it is 100% free to use.

We believe in everything-as-code and that the Stackable Data Platform thus optimally supports DevOps processes so that companies of all sizes can easily integrate and manage their data platforms in their respective IT infrastructure.

With the Stackable Data Platform, you can deploy services on all infrastructures and manage them uniformly through Kubernetes, even if they are running on bare metal.

Stackable Data Platform allows you to run what you want, where you want, whether on-premise, hybrid or multi-cloud. Avoid vendor and cloud lock-in and gain flexibility and control over your data.

The Stackable Architecture

Based on existing industry standards, the Stackable Data Platform ensures that the software we support can always be deployed and managed as easily as possible.

The core components we have developed are our operators, which allow us to manage modern data platforms such as Kubernetes services.

For our customers, this means leveraging existing knowledge and tools from the Kubernetes ecosystem to manage their Big Data and streaming infrastructure.

Our core expertise – operational knowledge – feeds into a set of Kubernetes operators that monitor and control the deployment and operation of each component of the Stackable Data Platform.

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What we offer

Support for existing infrastructures

  • Professional support for existing Big Data architectures
  • SLA with fixed response times
  • Low fixed costs due to effort-based billing model

Open Source Distribution

  • Automated installation of open source tools
  • Container-based solution
  • Automatic compliance with best practices 
  • Easy integration into existing monitoring and alerting systems
  • Integrated with Kubernetes; tools and knowledge remain relevant

Supported software

Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka©

Apache Hive

Apache Hive©

Apache ZooKeeper

Apache ZooKeeper©

Apache IoTDB

Apache IoTDB©

Apache Impala

Apache Impala©

Apache HBase

Apache HBase©

Apache Knox

Apache Knox©

Apache Superset

Apache Superset©

Apache Oozie

Apache Oozie©

Apache Atlas

Apache Atlas©

Apache Druid

Apache Druid©

Apache NiFi

Apache NiFi©

Apache Spark

Apache Spark©

Apache Flume

Apache Flume©

Apache Hadoop

Apache Hadoop©

Apache Zeppelin

Apache Zeppelin©

Apache Airflow

Apache Airflow©

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Why Stackable?

From one source

All open source tools for a modern data platform from a single source – no patchwork, one point of contact.

No vendor lock-in

The entire platform is open source – for the greatest possible flexibility and without restrictions.

‘Made in Germany’

Built in Europe according to European standards.

Easy customisable (custom-fit) integration

Into existing IT landscape for monitoring, alerting, log management, etc.

Flexibility & Modularity

Any combination of tools can be mapped – without prescribed versions; quick access to new versions.

Use of proven concepts allows know-how transfer

Building on industry standards (e.g. Kubernetes) ensures that acquired knowledge and familiar tools can be reused. No special training necessary.

Infrastructure as Code

Easy reproducibility of your environments; consistency between plan and reality.

Test automation

Framework for creating individual test cases that can be executed automatically for each new release.

Our innovative and talented team finds solutions for a new market.

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