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We are convinced that the future of software development is open source. With Stackable, we want to go down this path and are looking for bright minds, tinkerers and developers who will accompany us on this path as employees or contributors. Whether it's a pull request, issue or Githubcomment - get in touch with us and become part of our open source project!

The Stackable Architecture

The core of our product is the Stackable platform, which revolves around the central component of the Stackable Agent and our operators and is based on existing industry standards. This ensures that our customers can always roll out and manage the software we support as simply as possible.

With the Stackable Agent, we offer an alternative to the Kubelet that relies on systemd instead of a container runtime in the backend to execute pods without any containerisation. For our customers, this means using existing knowledge and tooling from the Kubernetes ecosystem without the complexity of container technology. Our core competence - the knowledge about the operation of the software - is poured into a set of Kubernetes operators, a piece of software that takes over the tasks of a human operator in operation.


The Stackable Agent is a replacement for the Kubernetes Kubelet written in Rust that runs pods in systemd and without containers.


The Stackable ZooKeeper Operator is a tool written in Rust for automatically rolling out and managing Apache ZooKeeper ensembles. It is designed to be used with our agent.

Kafka Operator 

The Stackable Kafka Operator is a tool written in Rust for automatically rolling out and managing Apache Kafka clusters. It is designed to be used with our agent.

Spark Operator 

The Spark Operator is an operator written in Java that makes it possible to roll out a Spark cluster in standalone mode. It also offers the possibility to start jobs on the cluster.

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